Rideau Social Enterprises Asbestos Abatement Program

Rideau Social Enterprises (RSE) is a non-profit organization that has partnered with the John Howard Society to provide employment opportunities to individuals who have identified barriers to success in the mainstream workforce. These individuals are given the training required to work in real and meaningful jobs and become certified workers. This program has a high value for the investment as it will provide youth who face multiple barriers to employment assistance in obtaining work with a livable wage, advancement possibilities, and a provincially transferrable trade certification.

Asbestos Abatement Program

The John Howard Society has a number of affiliates across Ontario, who developed a social enterprise of this nature. By partnering with the John Howard Societies of Toronto, Hamilton and Durham Region, RSE will fill the abatement worker shortage in these communities. Each JHS partner will recruit and train a Local Business Developer. This person will provide training to the youth, facilitate the testing requirement at an MTCU approved testing site, develop further partnerships with asbestos abatement employers in their local communities and provide on-the-job training to workers. It is the experience of RSE that once a worker has proven themselves to be committed and reliable through the training period, they are offered a full time position when one becomes available.


  • Physical capabilities
  • Must be and maintain a clean shaven face in regulation with safety standards
  • Not currently enrolled in full-time school
  • Not working Full-time
  • Committed and Available to go through entire training  program

Benefits to Employers

  • Potential for savings in terms of labour and administrative costs.
  • Employees are trained and fully certified, special emphasis on working safely and within OHSA legislation.
  • We cover WSIB premiums.
  • Ongoing support for both participants and employer.
  • Regular site visits.
  • RSE staff are available for work terms of any duration, “no job too big or too small”.  These way employers can offer term employment without permanently increasing the size of their workforce.
  • Safety equipment is supplied specific to requirements of the working environment.
  • As supporters of a Social Enterprise you become part of a network that helps stabilize community economies, provides valuable training opportunities and supportive jobs for those who have been excluded from the traditional labor market.  Revenue generated through such enterprises helps reduce dependence on government funding.
  • It’s an opportunity to give back to the local community.

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