The Youth Job Connection year round component will serve youth aged 15 to 29 who are not in employment, education, or training by providing intensive support beyond traditional job search and placement opportunities to enhance job readiness and success.

Employment and training services programs are available to improve access and provide job seekers and employers with proven, coordinated and targeted services that meet their needs. All candidates will be screened to assess suitability and eligibility.

These programs will include:

  • Paid pre-employment training to promote job-readiness
  • Job matching and paid job placements, with placement supports for participants
  • Hiring incentives for employers
  • Mentorship services
  • Education and work transitions supports

Youth Job Connection: Summer

  • Provide summer job opportunities and part-time job placements during the school year to help school students, aged 15 to 18, make positive educational and career choices
  • Youth aged 15 to 18 are eligible to participate in the program if they are high school students or, in the case of summer placements, intend to return to high school or access post secondary education after their placement
  • Participants must also be Ontario residents and eligible to work in Canada

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    Some workshops and events include participation fees.

    Site location appointments are on hold, however our team is successfully working with our local participants throughout Durham Region

    If you are soliciting services for John Howard to purchase we ask you to email to ensure it reaches the appropriate department. Please do not use the booking section for this as it takes an active participant's spot for service. Thank you for your assistance with this.