Resume – Let’s Get Started!

In this workshop, you can learn about which type of resume is best for you. We provide a start to finish assisted program that will identify your skill set using descriptive and dynamic wording in conjunction with Category Headings to highlight your skills. In the final stage assistance will be provided with the formatting of your resume to keep a professional and accurate appearance that aligns with current resume trends.

Targeted Resumes

In this workshop you will learn to identify key words from an online job posting. Keywords are highlighted skills that the current employer is seeking that will make you the best candidate selection. After identifying and separating the keywords from the posting you will transition them into your resume to gain the employer’s attention. Once you have mastered how to target your resume, you can use this skill to target future job posting from various locations. The workshop is for individuals who have taken a previous resume workshop and have some computer experience.

Jump on Job Series for Youth 15 to 29

First job? Updating your resume? Refresher for an interview? This series provides assistance to Youth 15 to 29 with Resume Development, Target your Resume, Interview Skills, Career Exploration, Job Search Techniques and Online Certifications to add to your experience. One to one or group sessions are available. *If attending to do Online Certifications Please bring headphones *

Flexible appointment options. These program runs after school hours for easier access. Also available through our Outreach Services.

Student/ Youth Resume Development
Career Exploration

Online Certifications workshop  * Please bring headphones *
Interview Skills Workshop

Student Resume Workshop

Looking for your first job?  No work experience, no problem… we discuss various experience from your life such as, co-op, volunteer and even your paper route; compiling a list of your daily duties.  We then use that list to establish transferable skills that will help to formulate the content of your resume. Our staff will discuss how to develop a basic resume and important headings and formatting to get the employer to notice you.

Meet With an Employment Advisor

Looking to meet with an employment advisor 1: 1 to discuss your career goals? Weekly walk-in appointments are available!
An employment advisor can help you develop employability skills, job search techniques, set goals, and connect you with the appropriate resources most suitable to your unique needs.

Interview Skills

In this workshop you will learn about the multiple types of questions that you may be asked during an interview and about the ones the employer can’t ask. Clients will also learn how ask important questions during the interview and how to answer tough questions using appropriate language and phrasing. Mock interviews/ coaching can be available to practice answers and build confidence. In this start to finish workshop we will teach you how to conclude the interview and follow up after. Call to book: Whitby JHS office- 905-666-8847 EXT 21 or Oshawa JHS Office 905-579-8482 EXT 240

Job Search Techniques

This workshop outlines 6 steps to Effective Job Searching with special emphasis on networking. You will learn how to access the hidden job market using networking tools. You will learn how to prepare an elevator speech that highlights your skills and how to make a cold call to increase your opportunities to employment. Clients will use the computer lab to compare several different job search sites to decide which is best for their needs.

Second Career Information/Orientation Session

During this Second Career orientation we will discuss the Ministry’s eligibility and suitability requirements to be accepted into the process. However, if you do not meet the requirements for this program we will discuss alternative options. The Second Career Program was designed to support laid-off workers who are having difficulty re-entering the workforce with financial supported skills re-training that targets high-demand jobs in Ontario to inspire successful return to workforce outcomes.

Trade Talk

This program will take a comprehensive look at Apprenticeships and Trades in Ontario including the roles of Employment Service Providers, Ministry of Training, Colleges, Universities, and the Ontario Colleges of Trades. We examine the process from start to finish ensuring attendees fully understand the educational requirements and training options available, along with how to obtain an apprenticeship and what happens once an individual registered as an apprentice. This program is scheduled throughout the year at both of our JHS employment service locations. Call for more details Whitby JHS office- 905-666-8847 EXT 21 or Oshawa JHS Office 905-579-8482 EXT 240

Alternative Training and Certifications

Training Services include: Smart Serve, BASICS.fst -Basic Food Safety Training, W.H.M.I.S On-line Training, Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training and Learning Alternatives Program. Watch for details for our up and coming programs on Personality Dimensions!

Resume Development

A customized workshop that will assist individuals in building the resume needed for their current job search. This could included a starter resume for someone who has never worked before to adding or updating most recent job history information to targeting a resume for a specific posting.
After selecting the date of choice, a follow up call or email will be provided with a specific time during the hours or 9am to 12noon or 2:30pm to 4:30pm with the last appointment at 4:00pm. Call for more details 905-666-8847 ext. 21

LinkedIn Workshop

Get LinkedIn working for you! Take job searching and networking to the next level with our workshop and develop a professional account that will have employers, colleagues and peers taking notice.  Beginner and intermediate programming is available. Learn what employers look for when hiring through LinkedIn. An active email account will be necessary.

Budgeting 101

This is an interactive session to learn about budgeting by providing different options and tools. During this workshop we will explore what a budget is, spending and saving options, how to get started and how to stay on track.