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Find the services you need to hire and support the right employees for your business. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

How we support employers

We can support employers with a variety of purposeful programs and services. Whether you need help with hiring and training, placements and apprenticeships, or information on wage subsidies and training incentives, we can help. We are here to support your business and your staff to ensure you find the right employees and can retain them. Talk to our Job Developers about your eligibility for support.

Our support for your employees and potential employees will help make your workplace a great place to be. You can ensure that they have the training and certifications necessary for them to feel confident about their skills to do their job well. You might think that your employees would benefit from additional literacy and computer skills; we can help there too.

Employer services

  • Our hiring and placement services can provide the organization and planning you need to get your employee search off the ground
  • Resume and candidate screening can save you time and move you closer to hiring.
  • Information on government grants for employers: training incentives and wage subsidies. It can be difficult to wade through the variety of available programs to see which ones apply to your business. Our familiarity with the programs and eligibility criteria will help you cut the red tape
  • Apprenticeship support
  • Job Fair planning and support
  • Post to our Job Board
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Training for your staff

  • Certificate training: Smart Serve, Food Safety, working at Heights, First Aid and CPR.
  • Online Certifications: W.H.M.I.S., A.O.D.A, and Health and Safety
  • Literacy and computer skills. Our introduction to using computers includes understanding the use of all components of a desktop or laptop computer. This includes the monitor, keyboard, mouse or touch-pad, and USB. Guided instructions and reference sheets are used to become familiar with all the tessential skills to use a home computer. An Internet browser will be used to demonstrate simple searches and emailing. This programming is provided to enhance skills with step-by-step instructions.

Looking for opportunities to upskill your team?

Find upcoming events, seminars, sessions and more in our Event Calendar

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We can customize our services to meet your needs

Our services can be tailored to fit your individual or organizational needs. Talk to our advisors to see what we can do. Whether your organization is large or small, we can suit our services to you. You might need help with hiring, or customer service training for your staff.

Here’s an example of how we customized our services for this local employer:

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Success story

John Howard Society Employment Service

A local logistics employer uses JHS Employment Services to support their operation in many ways. They have accessed a variety of free programs and staff support to help sustain and grow their business.

This employer has been able to save time and money using JHS Employment Services for recruiting new staff, on site job fairs, and access to wage subsidies that offset the cost of training new hires. On behalf of this company, our Job Developers have posted job openings and screened candidates. We have presented many hiring options and supported the training of staff during onboarding.

This local business has now established an ongoing hiring process with JHS Employment Services that allows them to be consistent in their hiring processes. It also saves them the costs associated with HR functions and staff time.

In order to provide qualified candidates, JHS Employment Services can provide free programs and services to help them be job ready. Costs can be covered for training in Health and Safety, proper work attire, and other job-ready skills. Transportation costs for the first few weeks of employment can also be covered, reducing the number of barriers for new hires in the first few weeks of employment. This employer says that these factors play a huge role in ensuring that new hires are prepared and ready for work with their company.